League Details:  Youth Baseball Boys D Division

Dates: 06/02/14 - 07/08/14

#Team NameTeam ColorWLTWin Pct.StandingSportsmanship ScorePrimary Contact
1Quincy Carpet One
000 0.000 0.00Gregory Huckstep
2Quincy Siding and Windows
000 0.000 0.00Ryan Fischer
3Custom Dentalcare
000 0.000 0.00Dominic Klauser
000 0.000 0.00Dave Hogge
5Fauble Insurance
000 0.000 0.00Ryan Kappner
6Vatterot College
000 0.000 0.00Jeremy Rose
7Quincy Storage & Transfer Co.
000 0.000 0.00Jon Schinderling
8Westview Golf Course
000 0.000 0.00Kevin Bessling
000 0.000 0.00Mike Murphy
10State Street Bank
000 0.000 0.00Clint McDonald


League Schedule For:  Youth Baseball Boys D Division

DateTimeLocationHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
06/02/20145:30PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkQuincy Carpet One0State Street Bank0
06/02/20146:45PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkFauble Insurance0Vatterot College0
06/03/20145:30PWavering Field@Wavering ParkCustom Dentalcare0Westview Golf Course0
06/03/20146:45PWavering Field@Wavering ParkSPECS0Quincy Storage & Transfer Co.0
06/03/20148:00PWavering Field@Wavering ParkQuincy Siding and Windows0NuFit0
06/11/20145:30PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkQuincy Siding and Windows0Fauble Insurance0
06/11/20146:45PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkQuincy Carpet One0Westview Golf Course0
06/17/20145:30PWavering Field@Wavering ParkQuincy Siding and Windows0Custom Dentalcare0
06/17/20146:45PWavering Field@Wavering ParkNuFit0Fauble Insurance0
06/17/20148:00PWavering Field@Wavering ParkState Street Bank0SPECS0
06/18/20145:30PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkQuincy Storage & Transfer Co.0Quincy Carpet One0
06/18/20146:45PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkState Street Bank0Quincy Siding and Windows0
06/23/20145:30PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkFauble Insurance0Quincy Carpet One0
06/23/20146:45PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkWestview Golf Course0SPECS0
06/24/20145:30PWavering Field@Wavering ParkNuFit0Custom Dentalcare0
06/24/20146:45PWavering Field@Wavering ParkQuincy Storage & Transfer Co.0Fauble Insurance0
06/24/20148:00PWavering Field@Wavering ParkQuincy Carpet One0Vatterot College0
06/25/20145:30PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkVatterot College0SPECS0
06/25/20146:45PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkQuincy Storage & Transfer Co.0Custom Dentalcare0
06/30/20145:30PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkWestview Golf Course0Quincy Siding and Windows0
06/30/20146:45PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkNuFit0State Street Bank0
07/01/20145:30PWavering Field@Wavering ParkWestview Golf Course0NuFit0
07/01/20146:45PWavering Field@Wavering ParkVatterot College0Quincy Siding and Windows0
07/01/20148:00PWavering Field@Wavering ParkFauble Insurance0Custom Dentalcare0
07/02/20145:30PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkQuincy Storage & Transfer Co.0State Street Bank0
07/02/20146:45PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkQuincy Carpet One0SPECS0
07/07/20145:30PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkVatterot College0NuFit0
07/07/20146:45PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkSPECS0Quincy Siding and Windows0
07/08/20145:30PWavering Field@Wavering ParkFauble Insurance0State Street Bank0
07/08/20146:45PWavering Field@Wavering ParkCustom Dentalcare0Quincy Carpet One0
07/08/20148:00PWavering Field@Wavering ParkQuincy Storage & Transfer Co.0Westview Golf Course0
07/09/20145:30PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkNuFit0Quincy Carpet One0
07/09/20146:45PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkState Street Bank0Westview Golf Course0
07/09/20148:00PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkQuincy Siding and Windows0Quincy Storage & Transfer Co.0
07/14/20145:30PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkCustom Dentalcare0Vatterot College0
07/14/20146:45PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkSPECS0Fauble Insurance0
07/15/20145:30PWavering Field@Wavering ParkState Street Bank0Vatterot College0
07/15/20146:45PWavering Field@Wavering ParkNuFit0Quincy Storage & Transfer Co.0
07/15/20148:00PWavering Field@Wavering ParkCustom Dentalcare0SPECS0
07/16/20145:30PMoorman Main Field@Moorman ParkWestview Golf Course0Vatterot College0
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